Woohoo- go team GB! Not usually into sports but think we all will agree that really was a super Saturday! We want to be in the olympic stadium- it looks fab! Victory is ours!



London 2012

I’m am heading up to London today for an early Birthday treat- afternoon tea at a posh hotel- yum yum! I thought I’d get in the London mood and post a couple of my London 2012 designs…

For all my designs see my Greeting Card Gallery page!

Greeting Card Gallery

I have now published my Greeting Card Gallery of all my designs, including my limited edition 2012 ranges ‘Fit for A Queen’ and ‘This is London Calling’. All cards are available now. Contact me if you would like to place an order. They will all be available to buy at the Brighton Spring Craftaganza and the May Artists Open Houses, as well as other Brighton outlets. See the Events page for all the details and updates.

London Through Felt Tip and Crayon

 One of my London 2012 card designs. On sale soon, or email me at for more information or to place an order for any of my cards!

‘This is London Calling’ Card Range

Here is my ‘This is London Calling’ card range, created as limited edition designs for London 2012.

 A gallery of all my card designs will be launched this week, so keep a look out!

Corgi Card Design

  My sketches I scanned in to make up the card design. I wanted to make the corgi the focus of the card, and make the corgi a simplified style to get more of a iconic feel rather than realistic.

 I then added more sketches, traditional British colours, and material texture in the background. I also used the corgi character in the repeat pattern design below…

I wanted the design to have a retro iconic feel to it, and combine the digital colours with the sketched coloured pencil elements. These two designs are part of a series of 6 special edition Jubilee 2012 cards I am working on.

New Card Designs- in progress!

 Been working on some new card designs today- here is a screenshot of what I have so far. I am working on a 2012 series for the jubilee. Still needs some tweaks and bit more work but getting there…!