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I like this quote WordPress gave me…it sounds like me!


Children’s Book Covers

An interesting post on children’s book covers. Have a read of it here:

 This book cover for breadcrumbs is particularly nice. Illustrated by Erin McGuire.

Print and Pattern Book 2

After getting the first Print and Pattern book in the summer I knew I had to get the second one when it was out. And I finally got it and it arrived at the weekend. It has so many inspiring pieces in it and is full of lovely crafted bits. I will post some of my favorites soon! In the mean time take a look at the print and pattern blog here. 

New Books!

Some lovely new books!

Print and Pattern – some lovely surface, print, textile, stationary and greeting card designs.

Visual Aid 2– You can never know enough stuff!

Children’s writers’ and artists’ yearbook 2012- useful stuff!

Roald Dahl Book Covers

James and the Giant Peach Book Cover

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Book Cover

Matilda Book Cover

Fantastic Mr Fox Book Cover