Cats With Thumbs Advert

This advert makes me smile! Following on with the ‘cats with thumbs’ slogan of the last Cravendale ad, this advert focuses on the cats trying to take over the world and basically ‘catnap’ all the milkmen!

If you haven’t seen the advert yet, watch it here at

 I also really like the branding and style of the Cravendale Milk Matters site. The scrapbook college style works well…

I even got a reply from Bertrum the cat himself on Twitter (via my Fairy Tale Fair account)! I sent a pic of my cat Buddy, who of course wants to be part of the cats with thumbs gang- and according to Bertrum he is in the gang! And yes I am excited about talking to a fictional cat on Twitter!

Bertrum the Cat replies to me on Twitter!

My Winner Interviews are published!

I have been asked to take part in interviews for and Bigstock as their winner for the Easter competition- how exciting!

Read the interview at

Also read the Bigstock Interview here.

Please Vote For Me!

It would be lovely if you could vote for my ‘Dotty Chick’ Easter design! It only takes one click! Click here to vote! See the post below for the design and details.


Exciting News!- My Dotty Chick Design is a finalist in the Pinterest Easter Competition!

I have just found out that my Dotty Chick Easter design is a finalist in the Pinterest/ Bigstock competition! It is in the final 5, but it NEEDS YOUR VOTES to win! Please follow this link:
It only takes one click! THANK YOU & HAPPY EASTER!!!

 Voting closes on April 10th, so get voting quick!!

Why not Follow me?…

 If you aren’t already aware I’m on Twitter! So if you would like to follow me that would be lovely! I only need 25 more followers to reach 200 and I would like to make it by the end of March! Can I do it?….Please follow! Thank you to all those who have so far!

Who hasn’t updated their Facebook page yet?…

Facebook profiles are changing on the 30th March 2012, so if you haven’t already done so now is the time to start thinking about it! The new timeline layout is a big change from the previous layout. Welcome pages and tabs are no more and cover images, featured posts and milestones are among the new additions. Brands and designers should make the most of the new layouts. See some examples below of creative cover images…


What Does Britain Love?- T-Mobile Ad

This is the branding for a new T-mobile add- What does Britain Love? I love this random collage style. View the ad on YouTube here.     

The Facebook branding is also nice, I like the cats! Then again, I always like cats! I’m sure this is the start of many British themed adds this year but it made me smile all the same!